DIONI Olympus mountain tea...enjoy it!

It was the beloved drink of the gods and many generations grew up drinking the specific beverage and enjoying its taste and beneficial qualities.

Olympus mountain tea is one of the best tea varieties in the world and rightly is called "the nectar of the gods".

You can enjoy it hot or cold!

Enjoy "Olympus Mountain Tea" every moment of the day, morning or evening, all year round.

Delicious and aromatic, with zero calories and no caffeine, is the ideal solution for a tasty and healthy drink that will take off your senses.

Cooking with DIONI Oregano

The oregano is at the top of the Mediterranean diet, it is the emblem of Greek and, more generally, of Mediterranean cuisine.

It has a spicy taste and is perfectly blended with olive oil and lemon. Many dishes in Crete and Greece are served or baked with this simple sauce (oil, oregano, lemon), such as goat's oil, potatoes, liver, fish, and even fresh boiled pumpkins and many other dishes.

The oregano in many islands of the Cyclades and the Dodecanese is added to fish bellies which are baked on the grill to flavor.

It fits almost with all kinds of food, including soups, potatoes, omelettes, meats, fish, beans, pasta, vegetables, tomato-like foods, and a lot of pizzas and breads. It is nicely combined with basil and other herbs.